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Romance Short Stories
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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Cat Tale Catheine Weed 275
2 Truth in Advertising J. L. Wynne 1983
3 A Walk in the Park Julie Achilles 2817
4 She Danced in the Rain J.Bishop 23190
5 The Fuck Pit Frankie Neptune 25588
6 The Date Thomas G. Schmidt 31182
7 Creating Destiny Brenda Stanley 14021
8 Seeking Redemption Tom Schmidt 10886
9 An Evening to Remember Thomas G. Schmidt 21392
10 The Broken Heart Ian Fletcher 21963
11 Eye Candy Thomas James 12972
12 A Change of Heart Thomas G. Schmidt 16539
13 Goodbye Rose Trevor Abbud 12570
14 Higher Love Chuck Foster 11086
15 My Love Was Taken From Me Saul Greenblatt 13616
16 In Search of Mr Right Anne Goodwin 12604
17 What if? Kate Edwards-Kearney 18813
18 Polygamy Frankie Rembly 11728
19 The Worst Hangover Adam Kluger 11360
20 A kiss is but a kiss Karan Mummigatti 28998
21 For Mike Geoff Aird 9902
22 Rainy Windows Alissa West 17632
23 Dear Harold Lorin Lee Cary 10604
24 The Pill Charlotte Hayden 12926
25 Fairy Charmed Life James Manning 15527
26 Charlotte's Web Charlotte's Web 12251
27 The Runaways Frances M. Thompson 19794
28 Ebb Tide April Winters 9995
29 Backpacking in Jersey Walter Giersbach 9532
30 Staple It Together Nick Palmisano 10916
31 Why Did You Leave Me? Saul Greenblatt 29543
32 In a Heartbeat April Winters 25077
33 Suicidal Girl Ryan Thomas 22750
34 Gently Used Catina Noble 16569
35 Perfect Young Couple L. Henry 43297
36 The Wake Up Call April Winters 22148
37 Black Veil Cassandra Jones 17375
38 Camouflaged April Winters 12348
39 Blind Living J. H. Bográn 14737
40 The Great Pretender D. A. Cairns 18981
41 Pools of Red Hayatecooper 17994

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