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September 18, 2023
General Stories Timothy

Journey Into The Void

In a world veiled in enigma, my route into these depths may have seemed insignificant to others, but it held a certain significance to me. What truly mattered was that I was managing to emerge from this daunting journey with both my life and my sanity intact.…
September 10, 2023
Flash Fiction Sophia Sanchez

Black River

Renton, Washington age 14, long blonde hair, with scabs that ate away at her natural skin on her knee caps. She visits the local river as much as she possibly can, she states that it calls to her. Her parents observe her as she lingers by the shore, admiring…
September 10, 2023
Flash Fiction Benoit

The Kiss

Synopsis – James got lucky. He did not like the airport, no sir. The narrow alley leading out was loud, noisy, and crowded. Two announcements were clashing against one another. Just then, a cart behind him sounded its siren to move aside. When he got to the…
September 10, 2023
Crime Stories Jason Smith

The Bully

 Brad Tuttle was remembered as Jefferson High’s best ever quarterback or the high school bully, depending who was remembering him. He had gone steady with the head cheerleader Tiffany Ziggler and they were voted prom king and queen. He had also been voted…
September 02, 2023
Flash Fiction Gary Duehr

Block 87

There has been a murder in Block 87. A few miles away at PS 52 (Peace and Security branch 52), the gunshot finder pinged faintly at 4:13 pm, a green dot blinking on its screen like radar. A hovercraft with two officers, Badges 1087 and 3495 (a trainee and his…
September 02, 2023
Horror Stories Samantha Brooke

The Abandoned Cabin

Arthur lay in his bunk - unable to sleep both because of the uncomfortableness of his bed, and the uneasiness which swirled within him. He opened his eyes and turned to look at the bed on his immediate right. The silver glow of moonlight which crept in…
August 26, 2023
General Stories Thomas Rokkala

James Jackson

It was 8 a.m in Martinez Commons at U.C Berkeley, James Jackson, who went by Jackson, woke up to his phone ringing. His friend Blake was calling to ask Jackson if he wanted to play Call of Duty Black Ops III. “Get on BO3”(Black Ops III) Blake demanded. “Dude,…
August 26, 2023
Horror Stories Steven Bruce


The luxury saloon cruised along the dirt road at forty-four miles per hour. ''Bloody genius,'' Norman said from the passenger seat. ''I don't know why we didn't think of this before.'' Don watched the gothic mansion disappear from the rearview mirror.…
August 20, 2023
Fantasy Stories Dr Adyasha Acharya

The Mayhem City

‘Willa,’ Dale catches up with me as I hurry through the streets of The Mayhem City searching for the lost soul. Mayhem city is not one of your ordinary cities. It is where all the souls who get lost end up. The doors to Heaven and Hell are shut down for them.…
August 20, 2023
Flash Fiction Benoit

Wrest Point 1955

Synopsis – lost property can kill. Loud, Latin music rocked Skelly as he parked at Wrest Point, the epicentre of glamour and fun. That was a quake on the Richter scale of 3, no 4. The rich opposite don’t get much sleep, Skelly mused. He parked carefully since…
August 20, 2023
Science Fiction Stories Nelly Shulman

Welcome Adam

A white mist enveloped the mountains on the other side of the lake. The night of rain has left the lush greenery soaked in moisture and the emerald grass squelched under his feet. Adam smiled because the trees and bushes enveloping the observation post were…
August 20, 2023
Flash Fiction Benoit

Rescue Cinderella

Synopsis – Pan slipped up. Mrs Yu recoiled and screamed: You stink! Get a bath! And clean up this awful mess! She slammed the door, swearing fiercely. Dragons would cower and hide. Oh, and the rent! Pay up! The assault had silenced Pan. For a young man, Pan…

This isn’t a story about two sisters after the same man.  It’s a story about the same man after two sisters.

Rose and I are “Irish twins”, eleven months apart.  She’s brunette and I’m blonde and we’re both...well, let’s just say we have hourglass figures.  Which is why Mr. Knutsen won’t leave us alone.  He wants us to make TV commercials for him, wearing tight sweaters and short skirts and acting amazed at the great buys available at “Krolly Knutsen’s Kar Korral”.  But we refuse.  We Jeffries are good, honest girls, and we will not shill for Kreepy Knutsen.  No way.

Till the day we sit down, add up our bills, and realize we’ve got maybe a month before we crash and burn.

Rose looks at me and sighs.  “Maybe I can get evening shifts at 7-Eleven after I get off from Macy’s.”

“Then who’s going to watch Mom at night while I waitress?”

The thing is, there just aren’t that many jobs available near the freeway exit we call home.  One of us could look for work in the big city, but that would leave the other one responsible for Mom 24/7 and soon two Jeffries women would need round-the-clock care.

So the next day I unlock my mental chastity belt and go see Mr. Knutsen.  When he sees me, he smiles a “gotcha” smile.  “Well, look who’s here!  Come in, honey, come in!”

Shuddering slightly, I follow him into his tiny, cluttered office.  There’s an extremely cute guy at the computer.

“My nephew, Buck,” says Mr. K.


“Short for ‘Buckminster’,” says the guy.   “Whatcha gonna do?”  He grins.  He’s wearing horn-rimmed glasses.  I like him already.

“Buck’s here to learn about the business,” says Mr. K.  “Use his fancy MBA in a....what’d’ya call it?”

“An internship.”

“Right!  He’s supposed to do projects for me....wait! wait!”  Mr. K. holds up his hand like a traffic cop.  “I just had a helluva idea!  Buck!  You can work on our TV ads with Roxie here and her sister!”

“Roxanne,” I say through gritted teeth.  But Mr. K. is off and running.

“I bet you can improve our sales by 20%!  Maybe more!”

“I’m not sure advertising is...”

“No, no, this is great!  Tell you what...you get me 20% more and there’s a bonus in it for all of you!”

Buck looks at me; I look at Buck.  I wouldn’t mind a bonus.  I wouldn’t mind him.  “I’m willing if you are,” I say.  And...we’re off and running.

For the next two weeks, Rose and I work with Buck every chance we get.  He’s gone online and researched making TV commercials.  He’s got us “conceptualizing” and “storyboarding”, and he actually listens to our ideas.  He’s told Mr. K. to stay away.  I like him better all the time, and I’m grateful Rose already has the hots for an assistant manager at Macy’s.

Finally, we shoot two 30-second commercials.  Rose and I play normal, thinking women inquiring about Mr. K’s cars.  We look impressed by what we learn and nod at each other as if to say, “See?  Krolly Knutsen really isn’t out to cheat the bejesus out of us!”  But other than that we don’t tell any lies, and we look good.

Mr. K. blows a gasket when he sees them.  “Jeez, Buck!  No way I’m going to pay to run these on TV!  There’s no...showmanship!  No pizzazz!”

“But...they’re honest and informative.”

“If I want information I’ll watch the news!  If I want honest...”

I can’t stand it.  I leap to my feet.  “Mr. Knutsen!  How much does it cost to run these for a week?  Because Buck and Rose and I will pay for it!”

Mr. K. stares at us.  We stare back, wondering what I’ve done.

“Okay,” he says at last.  “I’ll pay for one week. That’s all, understand?  If sales don’t go up, then...” He makes a slicing motion across his neck.

You’ve probably already guessed the ending of this story, right?  Sales go up, we get our bonuses, and Buck and I live happily ever after.  Well, not exactly.

Sales don’t go up.  Turns out people buying Mr. K’s cars don’t want information, they just want cheap.  Figures.  No bonuses, but at least Mr. K. pays us off before he tells us goodbye.   And we start getting modeling jobs from being seen on TV, which help pay for Mom’s day care.

And Buck?  He’s doing research comparing Mr. K’s sales methods to other used-car dealerships.  He says he intends to prove that in the long run, honesty works.

We’re also doing a little joint research project on how the two of us work.  I won’t lie; it’s going well.




I'm a retired psychiatric nurse/hospital administrator/grant writer who now spends her time making slow-cooker marinaras, pining for yellow tulips, and writing fiction.


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