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Home Fantasy Stories The Chronicles of Vassi

The Chronicles of Vassi

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Leora’s adventures and her mother’s voice led her to a distant land called Eirene’ and there she fell in love with the forest of Twigor. Here Leora came to a great tree, which bore the fruit of fertility. Leora was famished and desired to eat of the tree. After she took from the tree, it died as if been struck by death itself. After some time, Leora felt her womb move and in time swell.
Many suns passed and many moons glowed. On a scorching hot day Leora was taking refuge in the forest of Twigor, under a great rock. The forest of Twigor had many great trees, standing atop the hills. Some trees were ancient and were given names by Leora. A great tree stood on the hill of Gothanas, she named it the Old Bark, and she often paid visit to it.
On this day the rock had to suffice, because she was weary. Her womb was restless and moving with life. She wept and felt cursed. Through much pain and struggle the life inside of her moved and struggled out and she bore three daughters. Looking down upon what her pain had wrought, her tears turned to joy. Evening was already shimmering throughout the land. A bright full moon was lingering high in the sky. Leora had never dreamt of being a mother, nor did she know the first thing about being one.  Screaming and squirming, the three little forelocks were held in turn, but she could not bring them to rest. She struggled like this for a long time, for no one came to her aid. The spirit of Grimmer or otherwise known as Death, was moved to this new birth. Grimmer appeared to Leora in the form of a man. Stunned by his approach Leora felt fear like nothing she had ever felt. The sight of him was captivating. Her eyes were fixed on his as if bound by a spell.
His eyes were a piercing glow of sepia. His body was bulk and he was the image of all that was power and strength in her mind.
The magic of the stars were circling in the mind of Leora, clutching all three her young. Grimmer finally spoke with a certain panache,
“Three little forelocks lay here by your side, though their mother does not understand their way. A spell of life, so simple yet so difficult to maintain. How easy it is to give up and let life slip away.”
Suspicious and afraid Leora asked, “Who are you! And why have you come?”After a short silence, Grimmer smirked and replied in a cold bitter tone,
"I am devouring, I am grief, I prey upon the weak and I seldom speak.
However, tonight I have come with desire.”
“Tell me why you have come to torment me in this hour, bringer of death and grief,” asked Leora impatiently almost mockingly.
“I have come to you in your time of grief for a boon,” Grimmer replied.
“What can I offer a bringer of death?” asked Leora in disbelief.
Grimmer turned his gaze upon the three little forelocks as they lay squirming.
"Let me show you the ways of a mother. You do not have the knowledge required to raise these three little forelocks."
The fear in Leora’s eyes could not be hidden. Grimmer then spoke three words in a foul tongue that Leora could not understand,
“Mrach vat wovenacht.”
At once tiny crawling creatures came up and out of the ground, and wove a basket of grass. 
“Lay your children here and they will cry no more,” said Grimmer.
Leora picked up the basket trembling as if under a spell. She went down on her knees and placed her three little forelocks in the basket, tears rolling down her cheek.
“What do you require of me?” asked Leora.
Grimmer approached Leora, he took her hand and raised her from the ground. Wiping her tears with his hard, cold hands.
“I do not wish you ill, daughter of light. Know this that one of your daughters are bound to me and therefore she will be stricken with disease and misfortune. When this daughter comes of age, she will be near death, but I will not let it be. Let it be known that I will come for her and in exchange for her life, she will be my queen."
As Grimmer spoke these words, Leora collapsed as if to beg for mercy.
Grimmer stood over her like a dark shadow, yet his words became soft and warm.
“I have not come to badger you, but know this is also the will of your mother. When your daughters have come of age, you will leave this world and you will live on in thought and memory.”
Leora felt a strange comfort in his words, as if her will was not her own. Grimmer turned and disappeared into the dark. It was not long after, and she fell asleep alongside the woven basket, with her daughters lying silent and sleeping therein.


I am 24 years old( although I seem to have a younger face). I live on the southern tip of Africa, I say this because I do not stay to long in one place. All that is important for now, is that I have given my life to writing and I will write until I fall down or lose my fingers.




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