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January 18, 2021
Science Fiction Stories MoonloverCR

The World Of Prisha

It all started one Friday night, apparently a pandemic was going on. It had been only a week since “Adara” moved from her parents to a house to live on her own (well more like her parents agreed on self living because they knew the people who leased the…
January 17, 2021
Horror Stories Christian Jerome

The Drive At Sweet Hallow

It was one in the morning and she was driving along Sweet Hallow Drive. She just ran over something. Hands shaking, she pulled up her handbrake and got out of her seat. Her pulse was dizzyingly high, her body full of adrenaline. She was tense and alert. Then…
January 16, 2021
Flash Fiction Sahar Kashif

Suffering Alone

Staying alone is an endless feeling. Being with your own self when no one disturbs you, no one will bother you, no one will judge you, and no one will accept you, no one will reject you. This is a story of a girl naming Zaina who belongs to an elite class…
January 15, 2021
General Stories Martha Bishes

Wrinkle Bones

It was the month of December. The sadness of aging and the excitement of starting new walked hand in hand. I was in Moscow and was working for a Russian pipes company. I hated the cold but it was beautiful all around. Of course, I valued scenic beauty above…
January 13, 2021
General Stories Abdu Irwanmay

Strike Up A Friendship

“I don’t want to get close to him,” Adiya said cynically, as she creased her nose bridge. Her mouth crooked briefly. She stared at the boy who was gleeful and joyous, as he was getting fussy asking each of the gangs formed in the class of MIPA-C and mingled…
January 12, 2021
Mystery Stories Nolwazi Nkosi

How The Tables Have Turned

It is, when time is of essence, that fear proliferates to invade the unheeded courage in a person. One will react in haste to have a gasp of, what we all unnoticeably take for granted; oxygen to live for the sprout of a new and courageous soul. But is this…
January 11, 2021
Flash Fiction Paweł Markiewicz

Night Dreaming

I have dreamed during the whole night. A dreamy Erlking has come to me with his wizardry of muses. I opened my dear soul for his fulfillment as well as for the dreamery full of moonlit night. A shooting star became my best dearest friend, such a weird of some…
January 09, 2021
General Stories Roel Dsouza

Cotton Candy To Cola Gola

One Sunday evening, I boarded a flight to Mangalore from Bangalore. As the flight took off, I was enjoying the scenic view through the window. I could see all those tall buildings, and I wondered, things look so different from here. All these humongous…
January 08, 2021
Flash Fiction Vijay Krishna

The Ghost, a Thunder and Angel of Cattle

On a dark chill snow mountain top, the whooper swan frightened by hearing massive claps of thunder sounds, the bird immediately trumpeted to its friend “Moo-Moo Yak ! A powerful thunder snow storm carrying millisecond flash of intense lightning is dancing…
January 07, 2021
Mystery Stories Caroline Taylor

Widow At The Dump

Dear Priscilla, Reading between the lines of your last letter, I got the impression that you think I am not grieving, like a widow should. Sometimes you have to put the grieving on hold. Like when it means life or death. I am not referring to losing my own…
January 06, 2021
Science Fiction Stories Christian Jerome

T’Nebas Sol

What was, a few seconds ago, a sea of brightly colored streaks on his window was now replaced with a gargantuan ball of red fire burning brighter than anything else on his visual field. His breathing was quick, shallow, and deliberate, and his hands were…
January 05, 2021
Flash Fiction Cristina Majuelo

Mercenaries Of The Sea

When my body touched the Atlantic water, I was embraced by its coldness, stopping the pain caused by the wounds that were bleeding like an open tub, seconds ago. I felt the current taking me gently down to the deepest secret of the sea, the color of the water…

She yelled so awfully loud... like she was right in my face, you know?

My friend Ryan and I were about twelve and we had been to see Batman at the cinema. Jack Nicholson was awesome as the Joker and as we walked home we kept trying to laugh like that, swapping lines from the movie.

It was late and my stepfather was supposed to pick us up, but he never arrived, more than likely too drunk to drive. We waited around for him, but when the town clock tolled at midnight it was obvious he wasn't coming. Ryan offered to call his parents, but being so young, and out so late, it seemed more adventurous to walk home.

The main street was well lit, so we agreed to stick to it. Ryan's concern was walking past the park. Street lights were few and far between from there and most people stayed clear of the park at night, especially since the MacKenzie baby drowned in the pond, and they said the child could be heard crying sometimes. I told the kids at school I'd heard it myself.

We crossed the street to avoid the park. I stopped to tie my shoelace.

A slight breeze whipped through the tree tops, branches creaked, and one of the park lights began flickering.

Ryan said, “ Hey, Joey... Notice there's no traffic? “

I did notice and it was really quiet, too, but then again it was after midnight.

He said, “ If I hear a kid cryin' in that park, I swear I'll shit my pants. “

“ Can you hear that? “ I asked.

“ Hear what? “

“ Your imagination playin' tricks on you. “

“ But you said you heard that kid's ghost. “

“ Yeah, I did, but I didn't see anythin', and no-one believed me anyway, except you. “

We kept walking and made it to the corner. My house was half a block away, but Ryan still had two blocks to go, past the high school.

He looked back at the park and gasped. I saw it, too. More lights were flickering.

“ I don't want to walk home alone, “ he said. “ I'll give you five bucks to walk with me. “

“ Yeah, okay, “ I said, “ but I'm not holdin' your hand. “

At the high school, Ryan looked back at the park again. He looked frightened now. Every light in the park was off and it was pitch black.

“ It's nothin', “ I told him. “ Happens all the time. I see it from my bedroom window. The council needs to clean that place up. It's a dump. “

“ A dump where babies drown and their ghosts cry in the night. “

We kept walking and turned the corner. Ryan was relieved to be so close to home. He gave me the five bucks. Easy money.

Not far from his house was a little white chipped paint cottage, with a wire fence and rusty gate, and no curtains in the windows. All the lights were off and as we walked past an old lady started yelling, “ I see you there! Don't you knock and run! Don't you dare!  “

“ That's freaky, “ I said. “ She sounds really angry. Old people should be asleep at this hour. Lets go have a look. “

I started towards the gate, only joking, and Ryan grabbed my arm, saying, “ Don't, man. That's too much. She might call the cops. “

“ Don't you knock and run! “ she yelled.

“ She really hates kids, “ Ryan said. “ I've heard her before, but never seen her. “

His mother and father were still up when we arrived. They were disappointed that we had to walk. We should have called them. They offered to let me stay, but I declined, and just wanted to go home.

“ See you tomorrow, “ Ryan said, closing the door.

As I walked home, I had to pass the cottage again, and sure enough, she was still yelling, but then she stopped, as I stood at the gate.

I heard her say, “ I'm cold and can't get up. “

Now I was worried. What if she was injured? She might die and I could have helped.

I opened the gate and left it open, approaching the house. She sounded like she was crying now. At the front door, I knocked lightly, saying, “ Hello? Do you need me to get you an ambulance? “

“ I'm so very cold, “ she said.

“ I can get you help. “

I went to the window and peered inside. As my eyes adjusted, I became aware of something, and every bone in my body wanted to run.

“ I see you there! “ she yelled, but I couldn't see her. “ Don't you knock and run! “

The window boomed and cracked. I fell backward, gathered my feet, and didn't stop running until I got home.

My mother was in the kitchen as I came through the back door.

She said, “ You're as white as a sheet. How was the movie? “

I ignored her and went directly to my room and sat on my bed, grabbing my knees to stop them from shaking.


That house was empty.

BIO: I live in Orange, NSW, Australia. I have one child -a daughter. I was born in 1977. My poetry has appeared in anthologies worlwide and my short stories have been featured in men's magazines. I cite James Herbert, Tales from the Crypt, vintage Penny Dreadfuls, and Ripley's Belueve It, or Not, as an influence.



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