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December 09, 2018
Mystery Stories Wally Smith

Body of Evidence

Crime Scene Tours Ltd. had built their business, some would say, on the basis of appealing to people’s morbid curiosity for grisly acts of murder, and Liz and Colin Stevenson therefore had no qualms at all about conducting tours around the scenes of the most…
December 02, 2018
General Stories John L. Yelavich

Aesthetic Shock

Allie is delicate and gentle, waif-like in her presence. Her luminescent smile frames an image that seems so lighthearted. A sense of reality cannot disguise my enamored, whimsical feelings. I rhapsodize her essence in my affectionate mind excursions. She…
December 02, 2018
Fantasy Stories Vidal Martinez

The Purpose of Life

The front door slowly creaks open just as I reach to touch it with my cold, stiff hand. I stand still, hesitant, wanting to walk away, but finally I peek into the house, and through the darkness of the old Victorian home is a shadow of a flickering light from…
December 02, 2018
Fantasy Stories Pat Tyrer

It's All Relative

Before I get started talking about what I did, and why I did, what I did, I need to explain that Harold was no prize. He retired from John Deere because he couldn’t get along with the guy who worked next to him on the line. Not the supervisor, mind you, but…
December 02, 2018
Crime Stories J.D.Plummer

What Goes Around Comes Around

It was 12:45AM on a Tuesday. The old TV in the corner was playing some idiotic sitcom rerun. The ball game had gone into extra innings, but had basically ended a half hour before. There was a couple sitting at the table in the corner, having wandered in…
December 01, 2018
Crime Stories Nicholas Tomsko

Special Delivery

“BE THERE IN 5 MINUTES”...Tammy hit the SEND button and tossed the cell phone. It made a thud as it bounced off of the passenger seat. She hated the feeling of things in her pockets and never used a purse. Cruising the highway during a mild September…
December 01, 2018
Fantasy Stories Marie Anderson


After the meeting, Leo hurried back to his office and filled his briefcase and pockets with everything that mattered. His company mug brimmed with cold coffee. He poured the coffee over his PC’s keyboard, then threw the mug at a framed portrait mounted on the…
December 01, 2018
Romance Stories James Ross


‘Park here,’ Leo said, ‘We’re early and I’d like to sit in the sunshine for a while.’ Michael parked the car in one of the empty bays and went to purchase a ticket. When he got back to the car Leo was standing by the door grinning broadly. 'See!' he said.…
December 01, 2018
Mystery Stories Virginia Revel

The Shape I'm In

“Good morning, Mr. McCord.” “Good morning Dr. Porter,” I say, inclining my head slightly in his direction. His answering nod pays tribute to my quiet self-possession. I show him no hostility, but I do not pretend he is my friend. There will be no heartiness…
December 01, 2018
General Stories Jesse McKinnell

Hi, My Name is Mark

The drug store stretched out in front of Mark like a fun house, dizzying in its array of colors and textures and smells. Racks filled with Halloween candy, masks and plastic pumpkins sat in front, requiring shoppers to battle through their compulsions before…
December 01, 2018
General Stories Roger Ley


“It’s in here,” said Martin as he unlocked the door of the old, dilapidated wooden shed. “My dad lets me use this as a garage.” The shed was sited on the edge of the golf course that his father’s family owned. They went inside. It didn’t smell too bad, and it…
December 01, 2018
Science Fiction Stories Matt King

In Formation

Honking, the geese fly overhead in a giant V as the sky reddens in the late September dawn. Tralley watches them for a moment before continuing to unload the pickup truck outside the transmission tower high on the hill. Rucker fixating on his smartphone in…



After all these years, Mavis and Karlo Duncano are quite a team. The couple met at Coney Island. It was lust at first sight and love eventually entered the picture a very short time later. They are still together, still partners and the best of friends. Mutual Muses, that they are. Through the turbulence of the last fifty odd years, they still remain quite a unique and eccentric item. He the wacky inventor/writer, she the serious artist.


Married middle aged women wistfully smiled at teenagers Mavis and Karlo while glancing over their sunglasses as they followed their determined husbands myopically searching for a patch of sand to stake out on the increasingly crowding beach.

It's the Late 1960's at Coney Island.

Mavis and Karlo made some scene. Their bodies yearned to intensify the electrified touching and sensual steamy breaths they shared while kissing and melding to each other on Mavis’ colorful beach blanket. But who cared, this was summertime in Coney Island!

Swimming in the salty ocean did nothing to dampen their passion. Something had to give and it was getting late and Mavis had to get back home to Bensonhurst. They wanted to immediately exchange bodily fluids.

As the late afternoon bled into the evening, another teenage couple couldn’t help but notice their beach blanket angst, and with sincere empathy recommended “The Fuck Pit”. Mavis and Karlo were directed by this couple to go under the boardwalk in front of the Half Moon Hotel, for some semblance of privacy.

Mary Anne Frenchezzi and Vito Spimunnilli, the empathic couple, gave an abbreviated description of the Fuck Pit as if they were giving it the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

For the rest of us:

The Fuck Pit was constructed by enterprising Coney Island teenagers. During the winter months the sand from the beach blew under the boardwalk making it only a few feet between under the actual boardwalk and the sand under the boardwalk. The Half Moon Hotel did not have any entrances or exits to the entire area under the boardwalk; therefore, the sand was not dug out.

The teens crawled into the middle of the area and dug a twenty foot by twenty foot pit, approximately ten feet deep. It was a BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) area. They even rolled in a trash basket stolen from Surf Avenue for the used condoms and empty beer bottles.  Coney Island Teen lore states that the Fuck Pit existed way before the Drifter’s song “Under The Boardwalk”.

Karlo, a natural loner, was not hip at all. He did not keep a condom in his wallet like so many of his contemporaries. Back then, it was a sign of coolness to whip out your wallet and the outline of a condom showed you were sexually active and ready to go. Karlo was neither.

Problem: They spent all their money on food and drink, and had only enough for carfare to get home. How were they going to buy condoms? Both knew teens that got “into trouble” where the girl left the neighborhood and returned nine months later. Getting knocked up was a big thing, single mothers just didn’t exist back then. Socially and morally unworkable, it was.

Before and even during the sexual revolution, it was quite a terrorizing experience for a teenager to buy condoms. Back then, condoms were kept behind the druggist counter and you had to ask for them. Quite embarrassing, Karlo never purchased condoms. Did they come in sizes?

Karlo and Mavis decided to search the beach for empty soda bottles and turn them in for the cash deposits to buy condoms.  But time ran out, and they had to return home without performing “it”.

Poor Karlo, he now had a serious case of blue balls. The bouncing Sea Beach Express subway on the way home really aggravated the situation. Between the pain and the beach sand rubbing his sensitive testicles against his damp bathing suit trunks; it was a very rough ride home.

Thus begun an over fifty year love affair.

Later that summer, by pure chance, they met Mary Ann and Vito at Coney Island’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog stand. The couples became friends and that friendship has endured all this time. For years to come, they met Friday nights for Chinese Food at a restaurant on Brighton Beach Avenue under the elevated subway. Over the ensuing decades, Mavis and Karlo met other genuine Coney Island characters and forged long lasting relationships with them as well.


Mavis and Karlo nostalgically reflect about all these experiences from their rent controlled 1930‘s era Art Deco ninth floor apartment. The building is situated right where Ocean Parkway meets Surf Avenue facing the beach and boardwalk. They are still monitoring what’s going on in Coney Island from their sunken, parquet floored living room and the beautiful view out their window of the ocean, beach and the boardwalk.

From the urban renewal disaster of public housing, to the decay of the amusement area, to the arrival of populations determined to destroy the peaceful tranquility and change the fabric of the area and even Hurricane Sandy; Mavis and Karlo have remained and have artistically and humanly thrived.


No regrets for Karlo that he never finished any of his wacky projects. They fell to the wayside as he finished college and eventually worked for New York City in a civil service administrative job, with a nice pension.

Mavis remained a home body and artist, tenderly raising their twin children. The kids grew up to be highly educated, free thinkers and have made their way quite well in this world. A caring and dedicated special education teacher and a successful artist, that they are.

Mavis and Karlo are very satisfied with their life together. Coney Island has woven a fabric into their lives, and an extension into two more, their children. Incidentally, Mary Ann and Vito are the godparents of the twins, as are Mavis and Karlo of their kids. The fabric of Coney Island continues. All the children live in Manhattan and/or Brooklyn and get together socially.

By the way, Mavis and Karlo’s twins were intentionally conceived in, yes, you guessed it, The Fuck Pit.

Mavis and Karlo fondly remember Mavis laughingly and ecstatically screaming as they simultaneously achieved organism during conception in the Fuck Pit, in her best Seinfeld Soup Nazi imitation:


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