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October 14, 2018
Crime Stories Julie Achilles

The Boy in a Hoodie

I am walking along the road, the road that leads to home and I see him. I do not know him but for some reason I know there is a significance. He is casually dressed and wearing a grey hoodie which is pulled up, yet, I can still see his face. I can see that he…
October 14, 2018
Fantasy Stories M.B.Manteufel

Two Heads are Better than One

He opened the jewelry box with one gloved hand, holding steady a slim flashlight with the other. He cursed under his breath. Empty. Again. Matt Sanders wasn’t used to bad luck. He had become one of the best in his profession because he refused to rely on…
October 14, 2018
General Stories Julie Harris

The Man Who Left His Wife With A Goat

The morning’s warm rain finally drizzled to a wind-blown spray before a strong sun blazed in the cloudless sky. Christine stood motionless at the kitchen sink staring beyond the teardrop stained window to where he stood watching from the summer house.…
October 14, 2018
Mystery Stories Salvatore Difalco


Juan rose to pee in pitch darkness, his eyes fluttering. He found the toilet, but peed all over the unraised seat, splashing his shins and toes. Catching jeweled glints of chrome and glass, his eyes oriented to the darkness. Incomprehensible, his next move—he…
September 09, 2018
Crime Stories Frankie Neptune

It's The End of The World as We Knew It

 Reggie Benangin had always been this way. He couldn’t do anything right. The following is true - Though not even Polish, he couldn’t screw in a light bulb. When growing up in Westfield, New Jersey, his father knew never to ask Reggie to cut the grass. Every…
September 09, 2018
Horror Stories Vidal Martinez

La Llorona

I almost slam my head on the dashboard when the car suddenly stops in the middle of the dirt road. “What are you doing?” He looks behind me. “Right there… those trees,” he says. “Are you serious?” I look out the passenger window, and in the dark distance is…
September 09, 2018
Mystery Stories Roger Ley

Curing Brian

The day started pleasantly enough, we’d met for our regular game of tennis, the old reliables, Chris, Marilyn, Malcolm and me. Then the man in the dirty suit appeared and everything changed. It was summer and the weather was warm, so we’d used the outside…
September 09, 2018
Romance Stories John L. Yelavich

Sunny Souls

I have fond recollections of my high school years roaming the hallways with my best pals and their gals. We all thought that we embodied the right stuff or whatever that mindset was. We were all proud, cocky and cool and never wanted to be labeled pretenders…
September 09, 2018
Science Fiction Stories Majoki


What do you think we hit? Can’t say. We went through the critters pretty fast. I’ve never seen anything quite like that flock: multicolored, almost metallic-looking, circling in a protective formation. Very strange. We’ll have to wait until the techs evaluate…
August 21, 2018
Fantasy Stories Roger Ley

Making Babies

Martin Riley unlocked his front door, stepped over the threshold, and stopped dead. Everything was different: furniture, décor, layout, all changed. It didn’t look like his house anymore. A voice behind him said, “Hello Darling, I have some wonderful news.…
August 21, 2018
Science Fiction Stories R.Scott Venegas

How Far Back?

“The test subjects’ mental acuity, such as it is, and physiology are unaffected, the samples it obtained show little out of the ordinary, however it is quite agitated.” “Is it?” “Yes, seems it was spotted and chased.” “Did it do any damage during the…
August 21, 2018
Romance Stories Susan C. Nigra

A Lie is Born

Dec. 12, 2012 was a dreary uninspired winter day, and also the day I returned to relive the beginning of the lie. It was 43 years ago when I first came here at the tender age of 23 in high spirits... high on life, high on being young; and I have returned a…



It was another typical April 4 x 12 tour in 1989. The call came over the radio. “10-20-Burglary in Progress - 225 East 19th Street -  Apartment 6 B - Male Hispanic 20-30 years old - Green jacket, Brown Pants - Anonymous Caller.”  We were just around the corner and stopped the RMP a few doors down, walked to the building and saw him by the time we walked up to the second floor of the six story walk up.

Victor was coming downstairs carrying a big Sony Trinitron Color television, a clock radio and a plastic shopping bag. He was real cool, smiling while being confronted by two uniformed cops.

Whats up with the TV? I politely asked. 

I’m just going to fix it for my buddy Victor smilingly said. 

Jimmy asked if the clock radio was in a state of disrepair as well.

Yea, I guess it is. Victor mumbled, now avoiding eye contact.

So your friend is upstairs right now? I asked.

Oh no, I just picked this stuff up to bring to my house.

Victor then nervously lifted his head and smiled as he lied to us while looking me straight in the eye, knowing this conversation was quickly going south.

So you got his keys? Jimmy asked. “What apartment was that?

Victor showed signs of perspiration on his forehead and upper lip.

“6, uh…,6,…B?” He mumbled, eyes downcast again.

He forgot to give me the key,so I went in through the fire escape window,yea,thats what happened?

Victor smiled again as his statement became another question.

I think youre getting arrested, gently put down the television, please, so you can be cuffed Jimmy said was he took out his handcuffs.

I was surprised at Jimmy’s demeanor, after all this guy just put a crimp into our plans for a nice dinner at Petes Tavern. I’d have to call Tommy and cancel our reservation.

We took the short ride to the station house in silence, but Victor was steaming, turning red and sweating up a storm and mumbling to himself in Spanish. Way to fast for me to understand.

Jimmy stopped at the Deli to pick up something to eat. Jimmy wanted a roast beef sandwich, dry, on white bread (he never uses any condiments at all.) I got the same on a roll with mayo, salt and pepper and cheese. Victor selected chicken cutlet on a hero with lettuce, tomato and hot sauce. We got three bags of chips and three movie size Hershey Bars with almonds. Jimmy and I had Cokes and Victor had some fruity Goya drink. After all, by the time Victor got down to Central Booking he’d probably miss dinner. We all knew it would probably consist of a mystery meat sandwich and a cup of coffee. This dinner was more preferable.

We treat our skells well when they act like gentlemen and cause no trouble.

As we filled out all the paperwork while eating, Victor remained in the cell having his food. He was still steaming and said he was surprised he didn’t catch a beating for being an asshole.

Victor, you see it's business, nothing personal I told him. 

Then he started to cry and hyper ventilate. Not out of character. He’s been arrested numerous times for property crimes mostly. Never doing real hard time upstate.

Listen to me Victor and calm down, you got to look at this collar in the best light and with logic I reasoned.

What do you mean, Frankie? We were now first name associates.

I knew from his rap sheet Victor had his last burglary arrest about 12 months ago.

Look at it this way, you dont have to tell me, but how many jobs have you pulled since your last collar? I asked.

Victor had a pensive look on his face and shook his head. OK he grunted, I got a number.

Let’s say you cop to Burglary 3rd degree and get 12 months in the can, now divide that number into the jobs youve successfully done since then I proffered.

So, for arguments sake, lets say you did 200 jobs, 200 jobs divided by 365 days is about less than two days per job.” I reasoned. That aint so bad, right?

Jimmy chimed in with his heavy Brooklyn accent: And youll now meet up with some of your old buddies at Rikers, maybe get some needed dental work done, learn some new tricks and like that. Jimmy’s heavy Brooklyn accent sometimes even makes me sound like a Shakespearian Actor and I also grew up in Brooklyn.

Come on, Victor, give youre Baby Mommas a chance to prove they can remain tight while youre away. I added.

You know, youse guys are the coolest cops I ever seen, Victor said finally showing reassurance and relaxation following  his release from the anxiety and distress of being arrested.


On the way down to Manhattan Central Booking we all had a good time telling jokes. We pulled over at a pay phone and Victor got to privately call his hooker girl friend in the Bronx and then call to say goodbye to his eight year old son in Brooklyn and two year old daughter in Queens and their respective baby mommies.

We turned down his invitation to visit his hooker girlfriend Marisoll in the Bronx for free blow jobs. She was so thankful we bought Victor dinner in case he missed it at Central Booking and was not tuned up (physically abused.)

Those cops sound so cool, She cooed to Victor over the phone.

“Frankie Boy…she gives dynamite head, Come on, Victor smilingly said, holding his hand over the phone while trying to convince us to accept oral copulation gratis from a real pro.

Victor, this is business, nothing personal, Jimmy said. Please dont try to compromise our integrity.

Victor looked puzzled, then look at me for clarification.

I laughed… Victor, Jimmy means, it can be considered a bribe. Trying to nicely decline the offer without insulting Victor or Marisoll the Hooker.

What?, its only a blow job! Victor insisted.

"I Don't think so" Jimmy smilingly said.

We continued on to Manhattan Central Booking, cracking jokes and shooting the shit.

Now that’s community policing!


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