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Rainbow Bridge

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It is just a concrete motorway bridge spanning the M25. It is not magnificent, like the QEll that crosses the Thames. Nor is it the common low flat, nearly all the same, type bridge that is useless for navigation. My bridge, for that is what I used to call it, stands out from the rest. Maybe because it is so high up sitting between two sides of a deep man made valley with the eight lane motorway flowing rapidly below.



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The old man with grey streaked hair warmed himself over the fireplace of his modest Boston area home.  Now 67 and in the winter of his life, Brian was a recent widower, trying to navigate the senior dating scene after 40+ years of marriage.

GenGhis Khan's Massage

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In addition to Ralph’s nasty cracks, indifference, and drinking, there was the absolute monotony.  Mei-Lin recited this litany of grievances to her sister in Taiwan.  “And, he always walk around naked, think he look like some kind of Superman, but he really just an old guy with wrinkled skin.”

They both spoke English with the familiarity of having grown up around Americans, but Mei-Lin had hit the jackpot marrying a rich, big nosed mei-guo devil.


Nicky's Last Trick

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I gave Nicky a magic set when he was five. It was the first Christmas with just the two of us - his father having walked out three months earlier - and I was worried that he wouldn’t like it. His Dad had always been better at finding the right gifts. The bits and pieces fascinated him, and during any otherwise unoccupied half-hour he could be found sitting on the floor, perfecting his technique.


She Danced in the Rain

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Life was not going as Miranda Allen had thought it should. It had been three long years. Those years involved frequent fighting followed by her husband Adam telling her that she would never amount to anything. Tears often stained her cheeks as she would always look in the mirror at the end of the day and say she was where she was supposed to be. No one had told her otherwise.


You're Fired

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I remember getting the call at home. The Lieutenant said, in his Irish brogue: “Jesus, Joseph and Mary, What’s this job coming to, Frankie, you got made!” That’s copspeak for promoted. It came over the FINEST teletype at my command. I was instructed to report to One Police Plaza (NYPD HEADQUARTERS), better known by cops as “The Puzzle Palace” at 0800 hours the next day to be sworn in.

Yesterday I couldn’t even spell sergeant....Today I am one!


Damp Earth

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The gas lamp rose and fell as his arm swung back and forth. He carried a garden fork in his other hand. It was the only thing he could think to bring.

The moon hung low over the fields. The stalks of the linseed rustled in the breeze.

He moved into the woods, and held the lamp out in front of him.

To his right, an oak tree creaked.


Unpleasant Sailing

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Jason Lyman, his wife, Barbara, and their friends, John and Susan Dunne left Bermuda in Jason’s boat for a trip to Miami.

While Jason drove the boat, John looked at maps, and Barbara and Susan lay on the deck enjoying the sun.

John went to Jason with a map of the course they had to take to get to Miami. “Hey, Jason, look at this, “John said and put a map on the console in front of Jason.  “We’re sailing on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle.”

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