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Campbell goes Viral

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“Campbell, face it.  You sent that tweet unwisely.  Someone thought it was funny.  Not ha-ha funny, but over the top bad.  Then you got a thousand shame-on-you tweets when it went viral….”   I was sympathetic.  Sort of.  The poor woman was dead before age 30 because of one dumb mistake.

“More like 11,000 shames,” Campbell said.  She slurped her vodka gimlet and the tears started again. 


The First Chronicles of Vassi

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In the beginning there was time. Erebus was the keeper, and he kept it from the start. Though time was all he had, meaning was missing in the swirl of his endless thought. Erebus could not govern all things that he planned to create. It was therefore in his thought to create beings to govern his creation. Erebus then formed Primitus, focusing atoms of light into fusion exploding in silence across the multiverse. Primitus was the first spark in the mind of Erebus and with this creation, light came into the vacuity. Primitus became the overseer of stars and galaxies. Each star begot its place, and Erebus felt his darkness lessen further.


Poof and I'm Gone

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I was in the car with my boyfriend Steven Elms, barreling down the highway since we decided to take a trip to Weeping Island, Georgia the week after our high school graduation. It didn’t even matter that we were both going to Brown in the fall because this was our last opportunity for hedonistic fun before buckling down in college.

“This is going to be so epic Steven, “ I said.

“I know.”

I wiped a tear from my right eye. “I’ve always wanted to go back to Georgia because I have a lot of fond memories of vacations with my Grandparents.”


The Sanctity of Home

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We watched the moving truck pull up next door. We were still in our pjs and looking down from our bedroom window. My brother, Wilson and me high-fived each other and got silly because we were finally getting rid of the bully, Norman who’d been tormenting us for years. We knew mom and dad were happy too cause Norman’s parents had been annoying them for years.


Strange Visitor

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As always when he got back from the hospital Henry stood on the doorstep trying and failing to find the right key.

The house was familiar, had been home when he was a child and now seemed almost to resent him for going away or for coming back at all. That was why the key always seemed to skitter away from his hand, hiding amongst its identical brothers and sisters until he was cold and frustrated enough for a point to have been made.


Bed Bugs

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He woke up as his skull jumped out onto the floor. Matt looked on in astonishment. This skull was his prize possession. Well since the other day when he found it down by the tracks. Now it just seemed more trouble then it was worth. He looked again as the skull began moving across the floor like a parade of ants had lifted it on their backs. It juddered. Matt squealed and disappeared underneath his bed sheets.


The Law Offices of O'Ryan & Greenblatt

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It was morning, and Jean,  the receptionist for the law firm of O’Ryan and Greenblatt, unlocked the office door and then went to her computer. As she turned on her computer a man wearing a turban entered the office.

“May I help you, sir?”

“Yes, you may.  I am Mahahahehe, a practitioner of Yoga.”

“Really?  What do you do when you practice Yoga?”

“When I practice Yoga, my physical body does nothing.”

“How can you do nothing?”


Charlotte Dark

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There is a woman who lives across the way from me and her name is Charlotte Dark.

I think that during the time I have known of her existence I have become so enamoured by her that I can no longer explain my feelings.

She has become an obsession in my life to the point that I can think of very little else.

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